Branding/Packaging - Savo Foods

For the Sävo logo, I began by researching the snack bar market and knew I wanted to stay away from earth tones and leaves.  Since this bar is so unique, I wanted the packaging to say that on its own.  I started by sketching the word Sävo and found that in all capital letters the A and the V were very similar.  I had an idea about representing the food pyramid by triangles, so it occurred to me to replace the A and V with triangles and the letterforms became very interesting.  Closed triangles were difficult to read so I adjusted the forms to be clearer to read Sävo easier. I wanted to choose colors that were bold yet still said savory.  The final colors are brighter than most of the competition on the shelf.

After creating the logo, the Sävo brand was expanded into packaging for the three bars.  Since I had stacked type in the logo, I decided to continue playing with typography and created a message that explained what was different and special about the Sävo bars. Since the idea for the logo came mainly from the interesting shape of the A and V, I created a pattern from the letterforms that is used throughout the packaging.  I chose different colors to represent each bar: burnt orange for tomato + basil, dark turquoise for jalapeno + cilantro, and purple for rosemary + chive, this way consumers can clearly see a flavor difference.  In the bar packaging there is a die cut in the letter O of the logo to show part of the bar as well as the backside being completely see through.  Since the ingredients of these bars are so important I wanted them to be visible in a creative way.