Valken - Digital Marketing

Production work: clipping product images, color correction and assisted in creating flyers for email, print and social media

Organizational work: file organizing and labeling in a shared cloud, organizing art files for others to use, active participation in a project manager program

Creative work: produce designs to meet the criteria of the company branding, learned to create new designs while using style guides to assure brand consistency, developed the ability to design artwork that can be integrated into multiple platforms and channels

"Outside of the expected learning objectives, Tristen was excellent at absorbing and learning new skills. She flowed seamlessly into our system and project manager program. When tasks were assigned to her, she completed them accurately in a timely fashion. When she needed help, she always asked and got the assistance from our team. She was able to work with our remote designers to exchange files, complete her tasks and assist others. We feel as though she was able to learn a broad range of skills that she will be able to apply in the future. Once we showed Tristen a method or shortcut, she was able to retain it and reuse it without asking again. 

She was always on time, friendly and always courteous to her fellow team members. She was pleasant to work with, we wished we had more time with her. Having her in to assist in our design needs was essential and the tasks she completed were useful to Valken Sports. 

We feel we treated her as an equal and gave her tasks that she could learn from and actually contribute. The work environment allowed Tristen to put a focus on creative and other times putting a focus on being productive to get a task done. Valken Sports was satisfied with Tristen Click. If she pursues Graphic Design, given the demands of our company at the time, we would be interested in her as an employee. We will also give a recommendation should she choose another industry in the field of Graphic Design." 

-Rusty Glaze, Marketing Director

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